Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who Will Lead Microsoft

There have been various posts and articles refering to the notion that Mr. Ballmer needs to resign. Refer to:,2845,2317347,00.asp

And refer to:

Numerous comments on this blog refer to the fact that regardless the strategy the campaign creates "Mr. Ballmer is the wrong candidate to execute the strategy". It has been indicated on this blog that Mr. Ballmer needs to resign. Here is a comment extracted from this site:

"Until true leadership is shown at the highest levels of that company, I don't expect things to change. Until that change happens, morale will continue to sink and that more than anything else will be the undoing of Microsoft. Lots of discussion can be had about where the company should go and what they should do, but the single biggest step that needs to occur is replacing Steve Ballmer".

On the Mini Microsoft blog there is a recent comment refering to starting a poll to remove Mr. Ballmer. Numerous shareholders and Microsoft employees are advocating for Mr. Ballmer to resign.

This campaign obtained a comment refering to a survey conducted by GlassDoor. This survey indicated that 56% of MSFT employees failed to support Mr. Ballmer. Refer to:

The dilemma that occurs is if Mr. Ballmer resigns who will then lead Microsoft?

This campaign has obtained comments from employees of Microsoft stating that it requires a leader that will command respect. It has also been stated that it requires a leader that can foster communication. It has been communicated that employees fail to respect Mr. Ballmer and also to many are apt to simply "yes man" him when in reality it demands employees to have the ability to say "no". It has been stated that many employees are afraid of being the next Mark Lukovsky. Refer to:

The campaign has obtained comments stating that a "fish rots from the head" and this is the demise of Microsoft. Based on comments on Mini Microsoft this statement appears true. There are also comments that the leader needs to be a team player. Willing to take a "bullet" or "go down with the ship". Comments from Microsoft employees state that through the layoffs Mr. Ballmer failed to display these characteristics. Its been stated that he is more like a King saying "let them eat cake".

Comments also indicate that the leader has to inject vision. Understand technology. Foster passion for Microsoft products with employees. Improve morale. Re-establish the core and focus on building a solid foundation. Enhance the share price. Improve performance reviews. Improve the company image better then the failed Crispin generated commercials.

Mr. Ballmer has obviously failed at accomplishing these desired goals. However, eventhough Mr. Ballmer failed to fill expectations, based on the above comments the replacement has "Big" shoes to fill.

This ultimately results in the same question. Who will lead Microsoft back to being a leading company?

In a 2008 CNet article Mary Jo Foley presents a list of potential candidates. Refer to

This campaign has also obtained names such as Brian Valentine and Paul Maritz. There have also been comments regarding Kevin Johnson. Refer to:

It is without dispute that Mr. Ballmer is not the right candidate to lead Microsoft. However, if shareholders lead a no-confidence or if shareholders hold the Board accountable and force Mr. Ballmer to resign, who will lead Microsoft?

We would like suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

"The elephant in the boardroom is Ballmer's relationship with Gates. Ballmer is the best friend and college buddy of the founder, chairman and biggest shareholder of the company. Ballmer probably can't be fired unless Gates wants him to be fired. And Gates is a loyal friend. Ballmer is also a board member and major shareholder, with 4 percent of the company (Bill Gates himself owns less than 10 percent). It's an unhealthy situation for Microsoft and its shareholders."

True. The company needs a CEO who can demonstrate more proactive vision and greater operational excellence. And that individual needs to be accountable if they don't.

Anonymous said...

MSFT 19.29
-0.02 (-0.10%)

AAPL 112.71
+4.02 (3.70%)

Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft's Negative Brand Image Gets Worse

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Robbie Bach

Anonymous said...

"Robbie Bach"

Entertainment and Devices Division

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