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Microsoft Requires Image Makeover

In a Microsoft SubNet article Mr. Barnicle of Pacific Crest Securities states that the company biggest problem is its image. Refer to

Microsoft’s image has been battered. The public’s perception is that the I’m a PC ads and the Seinfeld ads failed to capture the consumer and improve the company image. In the comment section of the previous post "Who Will Lead Microsoft" is this following link:,2817,2344107,00.asp

Apple has through their advertising openly targeted Microsoft. Microsoft in a effort to improve its image hired the hot new agency Crispin. This firm has created a series of campaigns which have included comedian Jerry Seinfeld. However, the commercials have failed to capture consumers. Refer to

Also refer to the link within the above post or follow:

In the above report the author refers to the notion that through these commercials Microsoft is ultimately admitting that it is Number 2. This is not going to improve Microsoft. It is perhaps the worst move possible to further damage the company image. In essence it is Microsoft admitting defeat.

Could someone have stepped into the ring with Mohamed Ali and said I am "cool" and you are a "nerd" therefore I am going to win?

Mohamed Ali would reply "I move like a butterfly and sting like a Bee". Let's get a reality check. Ali was the world champ, and unless you are strong enough the "cool" component is not relevent. Unless you were the strongest and biggest, Ali was going to punish you in the ring.

This campaign has mentioned that Microsoft is losing share to Apple. However, Microsoft still controls over 80% of the OS market share. It is still the champ. But, through these commercials the company is essentially saying "we are the chumps". It should be saying "we are bigger, we are stronger, and as the Queen song says "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD".

Why should Microsoft concede its the "nerd" when in reality it's the "BIG" kid on the block?
Refer to:

Within the above CBS Marketwatch report the author refers to the former Win95 commercials. These commercials captured the consumers attention. It caused consumers to desire the product.

This campaign has created a series of commercials that will dramatically improve the company image.


1)The scene begins with Adam and Eve walking through the Garden of Eden. Eve is about to pick an Apple from the tree.

A voice then states “Resist the temptation. Resist the Apple”. The screen then shows the Microsoft logo with the words

Microsoft. The Better Choice. Always.

2)The scene begins with two kids sitting in a school cafeteria. Both the boys are opening their lunches. Boy 1 states “What do you have?”

Boy 2 replies “I have cake what do you have?”

Boy 1 states “I have an Apple, do you want to trade?”

A voice then states “Resist the temptation. Resist the Apple”.

The screen then appears showing the Microsoft logo with the following:

Microsoft. The Better Choice. Always.

3)It will open with a scene from the Walt Disney movie “Wild Hogs”. It will show the character Dudley displaying his Apple tattoo.

The dialogue continues as follows: Dudley- “I’m a biker, dude! I got a tat!”

Doug- “It’s an Apple…”

Dudley- “I know. Trademarked. But what are they gonna say?

A voice then states “Resist the temptation. Resist the Apple”. The screen then appears showing the Microsoft logo:

Microsoft. The Better Choice. Always

4) It will open with a scene from the Walt Disney movie “Wild Hogs”. Dudley is sitting in a restaurant and states “Mac, open Internet please”.

Computer responds: Command Unknown

Dudley: I think I have to search “alternative specs”.

Computer: Searching “alternative sex”.

Edit the clip to end with the Mac computer overheating with smoke coming out of it. Screen then appears showing:

Microsoft. The Better Choice. Always

Refer to

Prior to the launch of Windows 7 Microsoft will present the following two advertisements.

1)It will present a commercial similar to Win95 commercial Refer to

This commercial has the song “Start Me Up”. It was a commercial that captured attention. It created consumer reaction. It created a positive image. Win95 was associated with the song and was for lack of better terminology “cool”. The commercial will follow a similar format. However, it will be filmed with New footage. The commercial will end with the screen showing:

Windows 7. Start it Up.

2)It will follow a format similar to Win95 and the above Windows 7 format. However, it will incorporate the Beatles song “Got to Get You Into My Life”. Refer to

The format will follow the Win95 commercial format. It will involve the Beatles song. The screen will then appear showing the following:

Windows 7. Get It Into Your Life.

3)Following the same format as the above two commercials it will include the Queen song "We are the Champions". It will demonstrate the product and what it can do. However, in the song is the line "they are the losers". At that point of the song it will show a "Mac" on the screen. The commercial ends and the screen shows the Microsoft logo and states:

Windows 7. Be A Champion.

Microsoft is confronted with a battered image. Based on the response of consumers with Microsoft's previous commercials the company is failing desperately in its efforts to improve its image. The consensus is that Crispin is failing to improve Microsoft's already battered image. Joe Wilcox of Microsoft Watch states that the company is required to fire Crispin.

The company is required to get consumers excited about Microsoft products. Microsoft needs to approach presenting its brand similar to a movie premier. It needs to excite the consumer to the point they can no longer wait. This is what the company did with Win95. Consumers have stated that it has become a dinosour. It's time the company get back to its roots. Show the consumers that this is STILL THE NUMBER ONE software company in the world and we mean business.

One of the most powerful and most mandatory necessities for the company is to instill consumer confidence and improve brand image. Improving brand image will unlock a tremendous amount with shareholder value. A large pert of the low company share price is directly linked to brand perception. However, it is integral to ensure that the product delivers on the promises to ensure brand perception.

Prior to launching these commercials, based on Microsoft employee feedback, it is integral to ensure the product is revised and ready for consumers. Failure to deliver a superior product will prove counter-productive for the advertising commercials. Microsoft through advertising and proving its still "Number One" will improve the company image and brand perception.

Ultimately this will unlock shareholder value.

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