Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Ads" Fail to Add Value

Various companies have failed to advertise and market their brand successfully. has through numerous campaigns failed to increase its brand perception. Microsoft has also fallen into this category.

It is without dispute that Microsoft suffers from a battered image. Through our research we have discovered such sarcastic comments as Microsh*!. Please forgive the vulgarity. However, with such references it is clear that the company has poor brand perception.

Part of the poor brand perception is the failure to produce and market superior products. The company has offered Vista, Zune and other failures. As one Microsoft employee stated "if we can sell garbage and get away with it we will sell garbage".

Consumers want superior products. They want products that work. They want products that offer features. They want products that don't break or crash or freeze. They want products that are compatible with other products. In most of these areas Microsoft has failed.

Microsoft has also failed in changing its image. If you suffer from a poor image the logical strategy would be to improve it through some serious PR work and campaigns. However, this is an area that Microsoft has failed miserably.

Julie Bort at Microsoft Subnet was a tremendous catalyst for this campaign gaining attention. Julie provides some insight into Microsoft and its advertising campaigns. Refer to:

Follow the link in the article to view the choices of the worst ads. The sad reality is that Microsoft continues to fail to capture consumers through advertising.

Regrading the recent IE 8 commercials refer to:;contentBody and refer to

The ads are hosted by Dean Cain. However, the most recent called "OMGIGP-Oh My God I am Going To Puke" is repulsive. Who wants to watch someone puke during a commercial. The sad reality is the ads made me want to puke. Consumers are use to brand association. Lets refer to Win 95

The Win 95 commercial was terrific. It had the Stones playing in the background. Everytime you thought of Win 95 you thought of "Start It Up". Incredible brand association. Now, the same company creates a commercial were IE 8 is forever linked and associated with Oh My God I am Going to Puke. There is marketing genius at its worst.

I think that its time Microsoft fire its ad agency?

Perhaps what is the most disconcerting with the recent ad is the message it delivers. The puke is repulsive. However, the feature it is trying to promote is watch and view Porn with privacy. Lets acquire IE 8 with "In Private Browsing" with no history so we can view PORN. Well, there is a selling feature to promote to consumers!!!

What demographic and audience is this ad trying to capture?

Is Microsoft seeking to expand its IE 8 into the prison markets?

Thankfully, the ads were yanked from the air. Yet, the company also yanked the Seinfeld and Gates ads. Yet, they said it was all part of the strategy. Well, that is certainly believable.

Why are they spending shareholder capital on such poor ads that eventually get pulled from the air?

Do they really think these ads are going to create excitement with consumers to buy the products?

Word of advice Microsoft. Revert back to creating excitement. Use brand association similar to "Start It Up". What about IE 8 with "We are the Champions" or the Beatles "Got to Get You Into My Life".

Fire Crispin Porter now?

Fire Bradley Montgomery now?

Its time to improve the company image with proper advertising and marketing. Maybe the $9 billion on R&D should be spent on making a decent advertising commercial. The past commercials aren't even worth 9 cents.

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Anonymous said...

There are now three guarantees in life: Death, taxes, and losing money if you're long MSFT for anything more than a day trade.

Anonymous said...

Did you give up? I expected you to write up that disaster of a quarter.