Friday, May 1, 2009

Will the Smartphone Alliance Prove to be SMART

When this campaign was launched in mid-December 2008, it was indicated that Microsoft was required to pursue a game changing strategy within the mobile sector. It was stated that the alliances Microsoft was creating would fail to create the necessary revenue and market share. This was confirmed by a Citi analyst that Microsoft would probably not break even with its Verizon alliance. Refer to

Initially, the campaign was seeking Microsoft to acquire Sprint. The logic was that Sprint had a fairly solid subscriber base that would provide Microsoft with a foundation for guaranteed revenue. Refer to

The campaign indicated that it was seeking feedback and insight from Microsoft employees. Subsequently, an employee provided analysis of the benefits of Microsoft acquiring Research In Motion. The campaign adopted the strategy of Microsoft acquiring RIM based on this insightful analysis and argument.

Recently, Microsoft has announced an alliance with Verizon to create a Smartphone. Refer to

This leaves the campaign pondering one major question. Can Mr. Ballmer actually develop a Smartphone that would rival iPhone?

During Mr. Ballmer's tenure as CEO of Microsoft the company has spent billions on its Online Services. The company has deployed billions on R&D. Additionally, the company has deployed billions on acquisitions that according to Mr. Ballmer will make its online division more competitive. Despite this massive spending the company has failed to gain any market share. In 2005 the company controlled approximately 7%. Currently, the company controls approximately 8%. Refer to

We could also mention the attempt to capture Online share through the proposed 65% premium bid for Yahoo. We could mention it was valued at $45 billion. It could also be mentioned that an analyst with Goldman Sachs stated it was the stupidest move in the company history.

Mr. Ballmer announced the release of Zune. During the launch campaign Mr. Ballmer stated it was going to directly threaten Apple. The following spoof infommercial summarizes Mr. Ballmer's success. Refer to:

Through Mr. Ballmer's tenure there was also the failure of Vista. The company deployed billions. This resulted in failure. Mr. Ballmer's solution is simple. We will create a campaign called Mojave Experiment. If we cannot actually sell you our OS then hopefully we can trick you. This leads to Win 7 (Vista 2). Numerous reports are stating its only a updated version of Vista.

A recent interview with Mr. Ballmer by the editor-in-chief of McGraw Hill summarizes Mr. Ballmer's success or lack of. Refer to

This brings us back to the original question. Can Mr. Ballmer actually develop a Smartphone that will rival the iPhone?

Perhaps the following link will best demonstrate the probably of Mr. Ballmer threatening Apple. Refer to

This campaigns prediction is simple. With Mr. Ballmer's previous record, the potential of threatening Apple will prove to be "THE INVASION THAT WASN'T"

But, what do we know?

We are not as smart as Mr. Ballmer. We could never conduct an analysis of the company, compile information from employees and create a viable "Strategy" for the company. Besides, Mr. Ballmer is the best candidate for CEO (sorry, best friend of the founder).

With Mr. Ballmer at the helm of Microsoft the company will likely continue with its outdated reactive approach. It will continue to try to copy competitors. It will continue to deploy capital and fail to gain market share, consumer loyalty.

It is time to rally support for change. This campaign has created a "New Strategy" for Microsoft. A strategy that will enable the company to gain focus and become competitive. It is time to START the REAL INVASION.

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Anonymous said...

Zune 2.

Steve Ballmer said...

We will make the iPhone OBSOLETE!
I promise it!

Anonymous said...

You should be all over this layoff notice today.